Fallout: Miami

Episode Two: Trumped Up Part 1

Our adventure continues with 

Jack Aleppo: Mysterious man wanted by the Institute with a bad memory and a chip on his shoulder

Initiate Vega:  Brotherhood of Steel female soldier on a mission

Felix: A Super Mutant who likes being told what to do

Tunnel Snake Girl (No one has yet to ask for her name): A vault dwelling greaser girl

Brother Hertz: a Children of Atom Missionary from the Capital Wasteland

They had all decided they are heading upstream to save their new friend Christine, a former vault dweller who claims to have been from the year 2077 before the war, cryogenic frozen and opened in a vault in the Miami Wasteland area.

As they continued their journey, a tall lanky and wiry muscled cat human hybrid sneaked upon the team and pounced on Jack Alleppo, damaging him heavily.

The team fought him off, as Aleppo cowered to avoid being damaged further. The cat-man named Mareen Ponderosa identified himself, as an Institute experiment, and had attacked Jack because he "smelled like Institute".

Brother Hertz pacified the create with Fancy Lad Snack Cakes and to Jack Alleppo's protest joined the team after both wounds were healed by the missionary and Vega.

Meanwhile as Christine was Junior DaLexis the slaver captain, the first mate David entered their now shared quarters. "The Brotherhood took our merchandise." he exclaimed. Junior would not tolerate his failure, and executed his first mate right in front of Christine. 

Junior gave Christine a choice: The Fighting Pits or the Brothels. Christine reluctantly elected for the brothels, but not before clumsily trying to convince Junior to free her.

Junior decided to "test the merchandise" one more time and the two made love once more before reaching their destination.



The team reached the edges of a pre-war golf course that was rebuilt into an unsavory settlement. A faded sign that said Drumpf National Jupiter Golf Course. The place could be described as a "raider town" where the only law is force, where gangs roam the streets, and the economy run on slavery, prostitution, and gambling.

The team realized that the ship they were tracking had most likely taken port in this town. Jack Alleppo suggested a full on assault. Vega protested believing that would not be necessary. 

Aleppo elected to stay hidden at the tree line as the team entered the city, he said he would come to "save the day" if he heard anything bad happen.

The team slowly walked into the two with the sun setting at their backs. They immediately saw that one gang seemed to be the most dominant force in the town, a gang where every member wore a faded red hat with white lettering on the front that said "RESTORE OUR AMERICAN REPUBLIC"

Our heroes were approached by some gang members led by a man named Eric who was flanked by heavily armed guards. He said he was the second most powerful man in their town that he referered to as Drumf Co. He asked them what their business was in town, Brother Hertz immediately took an interest.

Eric relayed the story of his village. They were a gang of raiders who found this town. They found holotapes and merchandise centered around a pre-war businessman named Ronald Drumpf. A man who they believed "Restored the American Republic.", now they all seek to emulate him and his ways in an effort that they believe will restore Post-War America to it's former glory. 

The team looked formidable to Eric, and Eric said "he only hires the best people, let me tell you" The team told him they were looking for a friend and Eric said he would help them if he could take out the town's leader who they referred to as "The Ronald".

That way Eric could seize power himself and would be able to offer his full assistance. The team agreed and were escorted to The Ronald's seat of power referred to as "The Boardroom."

There they met a much older orange tinted skinned man with hair combed forward: The Ronald who was flanked by his two advisors George, a older man in glasses and Ivanka, his daughter "although if he were not her father, perhaps he would be dating her." 

They engaged the man in conversation, Marine Ponderosa the Cat-Man snuck up behind him.

At a certain point, Vega pointed his weapon at him and a short firefight ensued. The cat-man attempted to ambush Ronald, but destroyed his large board room chair instead. 

Ivanka pulled out a derringer and shot down the Cat-Man. Vega, sprung into action quickly and got the gun to trump's temple. Threatening to execute the Ronald, George, Ivanka and the lone guard in the room dropped their weapons.

The Ronald was exiled and Eric assumed his new place as "The Ronald", taking Ivanka and George as his own advisors.

The Ronald would grant the party some favors for their assistance: he offered Vega a position as his chief of security, something he rejected in favor of his own quest. At Hertz's request, Ronald declared the religion of the Children of Atom the official religion of the town and Hertz would become the town's spiritual advisor.

Most importantly, however Ronald was asked to help the team find their friend Christine.

It just so happened that Ronald knew Junior DaLexis. As a slaver he regularly did business in town.

Junior and Christine were summoned to the boardroom. Christine was presented by Junior in a long chain attached to a metal collar around her neck and a very revealing metal bikini.

The New Ronald paid for her freedom. Christine was very grateful for the team gaining her freedom.


Episode 1: The Trade

Our surviving adventurers Jack Aleppo, Brother Hertz, Initiate Vega, and all sat in a cell with slave collars on their necks. Christine was mysteriously missing.

Tensions were high as Jack Aleppo felt betrayed by everyone.  Hertz and Vega tried to figure out a away to escape but realized that their collars kept them virtually tethered to their cell.  Aleppo resigned that he would just "make a deal with the Super Mutants". They did however have an argument over a scalpel from Hertz's doctors bag but Hertz decided to give it to Vega who hid it in her boot.

Unknown to the party, a stowaway on the ship watched all the events unfold in the ducts, a vault dweller from Vault 101 and member of the greaser gang Tunnel Snakes.

When the ship arrived at it's destination, they were escorted out by several armed crew members and a man holding a control-box that radio controlled their slave collars.

The second mate of the ship, "David" approached the leader of a small group of Crocodile Mutants. 

The Chief told David that he wasn't going to give them the promised caps in exchange for the party. Instead, he had brought a Mariposa Super Mutant in a cage. This super mutant was very open to following orders. To him, the Crocodile Mutant Chief was his master, but the Chief felt he was too stupid and ordered him a cage.

Vega then attempted to throw the scalpel at the Super Mutant to get it's attention, but missed terribly. He was rifle butted in the back for this stunt by a crewmember.

David who was initially annoyed but not intrigued as the Croc Mutant Chief bragged "See Human never do what you tell them to do.  Stupid Mutant always do what I say. If I wanted I could make him do whatever even your humans say."

Vega then yelled out, "Wait what can you make him do?"

The Chief yelled out "I said stupid human, I can tell Super Mutant, 'Do everything those three humans say, break out of cage and free them!"

Vega had successfully tricked the Chief into giving the Super Mutant an order.

Felix the Super Mutant broke out of his cage with ease.

Just at that moment…Several Vertibirds filled the skies. The Brotherhood of Steel had come.

  • In the Chaos several things happened.
  • Hertz jumped on Felix's back and told him to do what he says..
  • Vega got to the control box and deactivated all the slave collars.
  • All the Crocodile Mutants were killed and all the crew members were killed except David who managed to get back on the ship.
  • At one point, a Croc Mutant tried to grab Aleppo, but a Brotherhood of Steel Knight shot the Mutant in the legs and freed him.

Once the area was secured and the ship floated off, (The Brotherhood Platoon was only there to kill Super Mutants and didn't feel motivated to chase the boat) the Brotherhood scavenged the area for technology, (which included a rocket launcher). 

Knight Captain Smith, the leader of the platoon introduced himself to Vega, asked him what his business was in the area. Vega told him he was a low ranking soldier from the Midwest Brotherhood Chapter and was on some sort of quest.

There was a tense moment when the Brotherhood wanted to kill Felix. However Vega persuaded the platoon to hold their fire and that this mutant was different. Smith grudgingly spared Felix but told Vega that the mutant was his responsibility and if they see it do something wrong that they would make sure that he would pay.

The BoS platoon cleared out and left the party to their own devices. The party scavenged the remains and found grenades, some food, some 10mm Pistols, and R91 Assault Rifles.

Then…the Tunnel Snake Girl who had been tailing the group appeared. Initially suspicious of her, she gave the party all the stuff that was confiscated from them by the slavers which earned their trust. She then asked if she could "hang out with you guys"

The party faced a choice. They could keep heading down the river to the nearest town or the opposite direction where the ship had gone. The ship that had their friend Christine who was still held captive.

Alleppo wanted to head to town. However both Vega and Hertz were compelled by their honor and started heading towards the way of the ship. Felix followed his two masters. The Tunnel Snake girl followed too.

Aleppo, realizing that he would not make it on his own, "Fuck it, I guess I'm going with them too." followed behind.

They party had realized that they were bound together now…and they were going to save their friend Chrstine.




Game Zero
Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river

The adventure began as six very different people were in the small dining room of a  River Boat heading down the Indian River Lagoon to the Miami Wasteland. They all had booked passage heading to a town called New Venice, each with different goals in mind.

Their seemingly gracious Captain Junior DaLexis served them all his trademark Lakelurk gumbo which everyone enjoyed. To keep everyone entertained, the Captain had everyone around the table introduce themselves.

1. Christine, a Vault Dweller with a pip-boy who had come from a Vault from Florida who was returning to Florida and was oddly very interested in the local cult The Church of the Holy Dolphin, a group that worships the Father Don Shula, The Son Dan Marino, and the Holy Dolphin.

2. Vega, a stern mysterious woman in a poncho with a look like she had a mission to accomplish.

3. Jack Aleppo, a man with a really bad memory who claims to be from Boston, he also has a Pip-Boy.

4. Ellie, a 15 year old girl quick to announce to everyone that she's a Thief.  (which would make her a really bad one), who claimed to have been from Vault 111 and been frozen from before the war

5. Brother Hertz, a missionary from the Capital Wasteland's Children of Atom, who had come to Florida to spread the Gospel of Atom.

6. Cenaconious, a burly man with a falcon named Jason, obsessed with pre-war wrester John Cena and telling people that they "Can't see me!"

After the introductions, the Captain was asked about his knowledge of the area: He told the adventurers about the towns of New Venice, New Winton, the different vaults in the area, mysterious sightings of a heavily armed group claiming to be the United States government, the Brotherhood of Steel, The Super Crocodiles and Super Alligators (Super Mutants in the area), a band of raiders who call themselves the Smokers and hail from a place called SmokeTown.

Shortly after lunch, both Christine and Cenaconius proposition the Captain and as a result got their money back for the trip and the three of them go into another room for a rendezvous.

Meanwhile, Jack Aleppo tries to score some Jet from the crew. However, Jack being rude, rambunctious and unaware of a rule where chems were not allowed on the ship (referring to fine print on the contract) angers the crew. The crew attempt to take him to the brig and Jack Aleppo refuses, insisting he speak to the Captain first.

When the men approach to restrain him, Aleppo clumsily attempts to elbow a crew member in the face, but being wholely unskilled in combat fails miserably.

Vega defuses the situation peacefully before force is used by taking his gun out underneath his poncho and revealing his Brotherhood of Steel insignia and firing a warning shot. 

He pleads for Jack to peacefully go to the brig and says he will insure his safety and that the Captain will treat him fairly.

Jack complies but is angered, vowing revenge. After being placed in the brig, Ellie takes out her Katana and attempts to attack the crew, however the crew quickly pummels her with police batons.

Vega, frustrated takes out his pistol again to knock out Ellie, but before she does that, Ellie surrenders and is placed in the brig as well.

Cenaconius, Junior, and Christine finish their closed door session and the Captain explains that the Chem rule is usually not enforced too heavily unless it's an issue "We had an issue with some Junkies before"

Brother Hertz, being skilled in medicine asks to tend to Ellie's wounds. Junior allows it and asks for Vega and Cenaconius to keeep watch with him. 

After Hertz tends to Ellie's wounds, Cenaconius mysteriously orders his falcon to attack Hertz, latching itself to his face.

He then takes out his spear to stab the Captain, Vega tries to wrestle the spear out of his hands but as a result, Cenaconious stabs Vega to great effect with the spear. 

Junior takes his shotgun and orders Cenaconius to go into the brig, Cena refuses and as a result he is shot and falls to the ground and bleeds all over the place. Very shortly after she bleeds out.

Meanwhile, the people in the cell try to get the falcon off Hertz's head. Ellie manages to get it off Hertz and tries to strangle it. Hertz then takes his 10MM pistol and kills the bird.

Vega, now injured is betrayed by the Captain, he is ordered by him to enter the brig with the rest of the party.

Vega sighed, pulled out his gun and fired at the Captain and missed. 

Christine entered the room after spending the past few moments in her room having some "personal time". 

The Captain told Christine that Vega had gone crazy and killed Cenaconius. Christine seeemed inclined to believe the Captain and as a result Vega surrendered and went into the brig. 

The rest of the crew arrived and escorted Christine back into her room. Those who stayed ordered Hertz to surrender his firearm, he complied after his pleas to be let go fell on deaf ears.

Captain Junior DaLexis explained that he was planning on selling all of them to Super Croc Mutants. This whole guide business was a ruse…Junior is a slaver.

Hertz begged and pleaded some more to be let go, but the crew paid no mind to it, and placed explosive rigged slave collars on all the prisoners except one. 

Ellie refused to put it on and as a consequence she was cut down in a hail of gunfire.

Meanwhile Christine had a slave collar placed on her neck but unusually was allowed to walk around the ship at her leisure.

Jack warned the crew that the Institute was after him and would kill the crew if they didn't let him go. A dubious argument at best and the Captain realized this. 

"Welcome to Florida" the captain said as he laughed and told them they were reaching their destination soon.



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