War. War never changes.

World War Two was ended when the United States dropped two atomic bombs. Very shortly after the Soviet Union and People's Republic of China developed their own atomic weapons. The Cold War began as the countries and their spheres of influence raced each other in arms and technology. 

Obsessed with harnessing the power of the Atom: the United States embraced the World of Tomorrow: Hovering house cleaning robots, laser weapons, fusion powered cars, and computer systems that could fit inside a room.

The Cold War between the empires came to a close one fateful morning on October 23rd 2077 when the bombs fell.

The vast majority of life perished on Earth. Some survivors found refuge in underground bunkers including some called "Vaults". From the ashes of the Old World, emerged tribes, towns, villages, and even civilizations.

210 years later, 2287 South Eastern Florida in what was once Miami is now known as the Gulf Wasteland. Much of the city proper has become an artificial archipelago littered with skyscrapers that emerge out of the water.

Various interests, factions, and groups seeks to control the Coast.

Our party consists of people with different backgrounds, traveling to the Gulf Wasteland for various purposes. They will be thrust together in the wars that will consume the former Gold Coast.  

And the actions of a select few will affect a great many.


Fallout: Miami