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  • Cenaconius

    He looks similar to an old pre-war wrestler. Cenaconius was obviously mentally unstable. Insisting that he was indeed _The_ John Cena. Randomly John Cena had his falcon attack Brother Hertz and stabbed Vega. Rather then go into the brig cell as the …

  • Ellie

    Hailing from Vault 111, leaving the vault before the "Sole Survivor" for reasons unknown. Ellie is a friend of Jack Aleppo. When Jack Aleppo disturbed the ship by asking for Jet from the crew, he was placed in the brig, but not before making a huge …

  • "David"

    The Captain's right hand man. He was in charge of the exchange, he narrowly escaped when the Brotherhood of Steel interrupted and killed most of his crew. However he was executed by [[:junior-dalexis | Junior DaLexis]] for his failure.

  • "CrocMan Chief"

    Crocodile Mutant who tried to trade [[:felix-the-mutant | Felix the Super Duper Mutant]] for the party to [[:david | "David"]] was killed by Vertbird rotary cannon

  • Marine Ponderosa

    An institute created mutant. Wiry muscled, strong and agile, yet constitutionally weak, possibly due to a defect in the experiment. He first encountered the team after pouncing on Jack Aleppo for "smelling like Institute". He served as [[:christine | …

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