Emperor Ronald Drumpf Formerly known as "Eric" and "The Ronald"

Lord of the City of Atom


Having served as second in command to “The Ronald”, Eric waited for the perfect opportunity to take him out. Meeting the adventurers who helped stage a coup for his quick jump into power.

He became “The Ronald.” After the religion of the Children of Atom became the official religion of the town, the town started to turn around after a few weeks.

He commissioned a wall that was built mostly by St. Felix the Mutant and the town started to expand quickly. The religion helped him consolidate power in the town and he ceremoniously crowned himself Emperor, and Atom’s trusted servant on Earth and with Holy Father Hertz as his prophet.

He renamed Drumpf Co, The City of Atom which would serve as his Rome.

He has plans to expand his Empire and…“Restore Our American Republic”

Emperor Ronald Drumpf Formerly known as "Eric" and "The Ronald"

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