Crazy Thief, Former Vault Dweller from 111


Hailing from Vault 111, leaving the vault before the “Sole Survivor” for reasons unknown. Ellie is a friend of Jack Aleppo.

When Jack Aleppo disturbed the ship by asking for Jet from the crew, he was placed in the brig, but not before making a huge fuss and being uncooperative.

The situation was defused by Vega, but for reasons unknown Ellie took out her katana and attempted to attack the crew.

The crew all pounced on her and beat her up pretty bad and she quickly gave up when Vega moved towards her to help restrain her.

Once in the brig when it was figured out that the crew and captain were actually slavers, rather then put on her slave collar, she was cut down in a hail of gun fire by the crew.

Her stubbornness would be the death of her.


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