Fallout: Miami

Game Zero

Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river

The adventure began as six very different people were in the small dining room of a  River Boat heading down the Indian River Lagoon to the Miami Wasteland. They all had booked passage heading to a town called New Venice, each with different goals in mind.

Their seemingly gracious Captain Junior DaLexis served them all his trademark Lakelurk gumbo which everyone enjoyed. To keep everyone entertained, the Captain had everyone around the table introduce themselves.

1. Christine, a Vault Dweller with a pip-boy who had come from a Vault from Florida who was returning to Florida and was oddly very interested in the local cult The Church of the Holy Dolphin, a group that worships the Father Don Shula, The Son Dan Marino, and the Holy Dolphin.

2. Vega, a stern mysterious woman in a poncho with a look like she had a mission to accomplish.

3. Jack Aleppo, a man with a really bad memory who claims to be from Boston, he also has a Pip-Boy.

4. Ellie, a 15 year old girl quick to announce to everyone that she's a Thief.  (which would make her a really bad one), who claimed to have been from Vault 111 and been frozen from before the war

5. Brother Hertz, a missionary from the Capital Wasteland's Children of Atom, who had come to Florida to spread the Gospel of Atom.

6. Cenaconious, a burly man with a falcon named Jason, obsessed with pre-war wrester John Cena and telling people that they "Can't see me!"

After the introductions, the Captain was asked about his knowledge of the area: He told the adventurers about the towns of New Venice, New Winton, the different vaults in the area, mysterious sightings of a heavily armed group claiming to be the United States government, the Brotherhood of Steel, The Super Crocodiles and Super Alligators (Super Mutants in the area), a band of raiders who call themselves the Smokers and hail from a place called SmokeTown.

Shortly after lunch, both Christine and Cenaconius proposition the Captain and as a result got their money back for the trip and the three of them go into another room for a rendezvous.

Meanwhile, Jack Aleppo tries to score some Jet from the crew. However, Jack being rude, rambunctious and unaware of a rule where chems were not allowed on the ship (referring to fine print on the contract) angers the crew. The crew attempt to take him to the brig and Jack Aleppo refuses, insisting he speak to the Captain first.

When the men approach to restrain him, Aleppo clumsily attempts to elbow a crew member in the face, but being wholely unskilled in combat fails miserably.

Vega defuses the situation peacefully before force is used by taking his gun out underneath his poncho and revealing his Brotherhood of Steel insignia and firing a warning shot. 

He pleads for Jack to peacefully go to the brig and says he will insure his safety and that the Captain will treat him fairly.

Jack complies but is angered, vowing revenge. After being placed in the brig, Ellie takes out her Katana and attempts to attack the crew, however the crew quickly pummels her with police batons.

Vega, frustrated takes out his pistol again to knock out Ellie, but before she does that, Ellie surrenders and is placed in the brig as well.

Cenaconius, Junior, and Christine finish their closed door session and the Captain explains that the Chem rule is usually not enforced too heavily unless it's an issue "We had an issue with some Junkies before"

Brother Hertz, being skilled in medicine asks to tend to Ellie's wounds. Junior allows it and asks for Vega and Cenaconius to keeep watch with him. 

After Hertz tends to Ellie's wounds, Cenaconius mysteriously orders his falcon to attack Hertz, latching itself to his face.

He then takes out his spear to stab the Captain, Vega tries to wrestle the spear out of his hands but as a result, Cenaconious stabs Vega to great effect with the spear. 

Junior takes his shotgun and orders Cenaconius to go into the brig, Cena refuses and as a result he is shot and falls to the ground and bleeds all over the place. Very shortly after she bleeds out.

Meanwhile, the people in the cell try to get the falcon off Hertz's head. Ellie manages to get it off Hertz and tries to strangle it. Hertz then takes his 10MM pistol and kills the bird.

Vega, now injured is betrayed by the Captain, he is ordered by him to enter the brig with the rest of the party.

Vega sighed, pulled out his gun and fired at the Captain and missed. 

Christine entered the room after spending the past few moments in her room having some "personal time". 

The Captain told Christine that Vega had gone crazy and killed Cenaconius. Christine seeemed inclined to believe the Captain and as a result Vega surrendered and went into the brig. 

The rest of the crew arrived and escorted Christine back into her room. Those who stayed ordered Hertz to surrender his firearm, he complied after his pleas to be let go fell on deaf ears.

Captain Junior DaLexis explained that he was planning on selling all of them to Super Croc Mutants. This whole guide business was a ruse…Junior is a slaver.

Hertz begged and pleaded some more to be let go, but the crew paid no mind to it, and placed explosive rigged slave collars on all the prisoners except one. 

Ellie refused to put it on and as a consequence she was cut down in a hail of gunfire.

Meanwhile Christine had a slave collar placed on her neck but unusually was allowed to walk around the ship at her leisure.

Jack warned the crew that the Institute was after him and would kill the crew if they didn't let him go. A dubious argument at best and the Captain realized this. 

"Welcome to Florida" the captain said as he laughed and told them they were reaching their destination soon.




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