Fallout: Miami

Episode Two: Trumped Up Part 1

Our adventure continues with 

Jack Aleppo: Mysterious man wanted by the Institute with a bad memory and a chip on his shoulder

Initiate Vega:  Brotherhood of Steel female soldier on a mission

Felix: A Super Mutant who likes being told what to do

Tunnel Snake Girl (No one has yet to ask for her name): A vault dwelling greaser girl

Brother Hertz: a Children of Atom Missionary from the Capital Wasteland

They had all decided they are heading upstream to save their new friend Christine, a former vault dweller who claims to have been from the year 2077 before the war, cryogenic frozen and opened in a vault in the Miami Wasteland area.

As they continued their journey, a tall lanky and wiry muscled cat human hybrid sneaked upon the team and pounced on Jack Alleppo, damaging him heavily.

The team fought him off, as Aleppo cowered to avoid being damaged further. The cat-man named Mareen Ponderosa identified himself, as an Institute experiment, and had attacked Jack because he "smelled like Institute".

Brother Hertz pacified the create with Fancy Lad Snack Cakes and to Jack Alleppo's protest joined the team after both wounds were healed by the missionary and Vega.

Meanwhile as Christine was Junior DaLexis the slaver captain, the first mate David entered their now shared quarters. "The Brotherhood took our merchandise." he exclaimed. Junior would not tolerate his failure, and executed his first mate right in front of Christine. 

Junior gave Christine a choice: The Fighting Pits or the Brothels. Christine reluctantly elected for the brothels, but not before clumsily trying to convince Junior to free her.

Junior decided to "test the merchandise" one more time and the two made love once more before reaching their destination.



The team reached the edges of a pre-war golf course that was rebuilt into an unsavory settlement. A faded sign that said Drumpf National Jupiter Golf Course. The place could be described as a "raider town" where the only law is force, where gangs roam the streets, and the economy run on slavery, prostitution, and gambling.

The team realized that the ship they were tracking had most likely taken port in this town. Jack Alleppo suggested a full on assault. Vega protested believing that would not be necessary. 

Aleppo elected to stay hidden at the tree line as the team entered the city, he said he would come to "save the day" if he heard anything bad happen.

The team slowly walked into the two with the sun setting at their backs. They immediately saw that one gang seemed to be the most dominant force in the town, a gang where every member wore a faded red hat with white lettering on the front that said "RESTORE OUR AMERICAN REPUBLIC"

Our heroes were approached by some gang members led by a man named Eric who was flanked by heavily armed guards. He said he was the second most powerful man in their town that he referered to as Drumf Co. He asked them what their business was in town, Brother Hertz immediately took an interest.

Eric relayed the story of his village. They were a gang of raiders who found this town. They found holotapes and merchandise centered around a pre-war businessman named Ronald Drumpf. A man who they believed "Restored the American Republic.", now they all seek to emulate him and his ways in an effort that they believe will restore Post-War America to it's former glory. 

The team looked formidable to Eric, and Eric said "he only hires the best people, let me tell you" The team told him they were looking for a friend and Eric said he would help them if he could take out the town's leader who they referred to as "The Ronald".

That way Eric could seize power himself and would be able to offer his full assistance. The team agreed and were escorted to The Ronald's seat of power referred to as "The Boardroom."

There they met a much older orange tinted skinned man with hair combed forward: The Ronald who was flanked by his two advisors George, a older man in glasses and Ivanka, his daughter "although if he were not her father, perhaps he would be dating her." 

They engaged the man in conversation, Marine Ponderosa the Cat-Man snuck up behind him.

At a certain point, Vega pointed his weapon at him and a short firefight ensued. The cat-man attempted to ambush Ronald, but destroyed his large board room chair instead. 

Ivanka pulled out a derringer and shot down the Cat-Man. Vega, sprung into action quickly and got the gun to trump's temple. Threatening to execute the Ronald, George, Ivanka and the lone guard in the room dropped their weapons.

The Ronald was exiled and Eric assumed his new place as "The Ronald", taking Ivanka and George as his own advisors.

The Ronald would grant the party some favors for their assistance: he offered Vega a position as his chief of security, something he rejected in favor of his own quest. At Hertz's request, Ronald declared the religion of the Children of Atom the official religion of the town and Hertz would become the town's spiritual advisor.

Most importantly, however Ronald was asked to help the team find their friend Christine.

It just so happened that Ronald knew Junior DaLexis. As a slaver he regularly did business in town.

Junior and Christine were summoned to the boardroom. Christine was presented by Junior in a long chain attached to a metal collar around her neck and a very revealing metal bikini.

The New Ronald paid for her freedom. Christine was very grateful for the team gaining her freedom.




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