Fallout: Miami

Episode 1: The Trade

Our surviving adventurers Jack Aleppo, Brother Hertz, Initiate Vega, and all sat in a cell with slave collars on their necks. Christine was mysteriously missing.

Tensions were high as Jack Aleppo felt betrayed by everyone.  Hertz and Vega tried to figure out a away to escape but realized that their collars kept them virtually tethered to their cell.  Aleppo resigned that he would just "make a deal with the Super Mutants". They did however have an argument over a scalpel from Hertz's doctors bag but Hertz decided to give it to Vega who hid it in her boot.

Unknown to the party, a stowaway on the ship watched all the events unfold in the ducts, a vault dweller from Vault 101 and member of the greaser gang Tunnel Snakes.

When the ship arrived at it's destination, they were escorted out by several armed crew members and a man holding a control-box that radio controlled their slave collars.

The second mate of the ship, "David" approached the leader of a small group of Crocodile Mutants. 

The Chief told David that he wasn't going to give them the promised caps in exchange for the party. Instead, he had brought a Mariposa Super Mutant in a cage. This super mutant was very open to following orders. To him, the Crocodile Mutant Chief was his master, but the Chief felt he was too stupid and ordered him a cage.

Vega then attempted to throw the scalpel at the Super Mutant to get it's attention, but missed terribly. He was rifle butted in the back for this stunt by a crewmember.

David who was initially annoyed but not intrigued as the Croc Mutant Chief bragged "See Human never do what you tell them to do.  Stupid Mutant always do what I say. If I wanted I could make him do whatever even your humans say."

Vega then yelled out, "Wait what can you make him do?"

The Chief yelled out "I said stupid human, I can tell Super Mutant, 'Do everything those three humans say, break out of cage and free them!"

Vega had successfully tricked the Chief into giving the Super Mutant an order.

Felix the Super Mutant broke out of his cage with ease.

Just at that moment…Several Vertibirds filled the skies. The Brotherhood of Steel had come.

  • In the Chaos several things happened.
  • Hertz jumped on Felix's back and told him to do what he says..
  • Vega got to the control box and deactivated all the slave collars.
  • All the Crocodile Mutants were killed and all the crew members were killed except David who managed to get back on the ship.
  • At one point, a Croc Mutant tried to grab Aleppo, but a Brotherhood of Steel Knight shot the Mutant in the legs and freed him.

Once the area was secured and the ship floated off, (The Brotherhood Platoon was only there to kill Super Mutants and didn't feel motivated to chase the boat) the Brotherhood scavenged the area for technology, (which included a rocket launcher). 

Knight Captain Smith, the leader of the platoon introduced himself to Vega, asked him what his business was in the area. Vega told him he was a low ranking soldier from the Midwest Brotherhood Chapter and was on some sort of quest.

There was a tense moment when the Brotherhood wanted to kill Felix. However Vega persuaded the platoon to hold their fire and that this mutant was different. Smith grudgingly spared Felix but told Vega that the mutant was his responsibility and if they see it do something wrong that they would make sure that he would pay.

The BoS platoon cleared out and left the party to their own devices. The party scavenged the remains and found grenades, some food, some 10mm Pistols, and R91 Assault Rifles.

Then…the Tunnel Snake Girl who had been tailing the group appeared. Initially suspicious of her, she gave the party all the stuff that was confiscated from them by the slavers which earned their trust. She then asked if she could "hang out with you guys"

The party faced a choice. They could keep heading down the river to the nearest town or the opposite direction where the ship had gone. The ship that had their friend Christine who was still held captive.

Alleppo wanted to head to town. However both Vega and Hertz were compelled by their honor and started heading towards the way of the ship. Felix followed his two masters. The Tunnel Snake girl followed too.

Aleppo, realizing that he would not make it on his own, "Fuck it, I guess I'm going with them too." followed behind.

They party had realized that they were bound together now…and they were going to save their friend Chrstine.






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